On Nov 24, 2010, at 11:39 PM, Alexia Death wrote:

> Trunk isn't GTK3 yet. But there are plenty of tablet bugs littering
> GTK2 as well. I'm hoping that when he has the tablet, those might get
> uprooted too :). There are several major know issues with tablet use
> right now. a) save dialogs don't work with the tablet pen b) the core
> device stops working when there is an extended device present, so no
> mouse when the tablet is cinnected c) the on canvas text widget is
> only so much hot air for the tablet pen.

Yes, there are some bugs around, and some significant ones when it comes to 
hotplugging, etc. that need a more unified approach to fix for Windows and OS X 

I've been working on such from the Inkscape, Linux and OS X sides of things, 
and it would be good to coordinate a bit on the fixing.
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