2011/1/5 peter sikking <pe...@mmiworks.net>:
> しげっち wrote:
>> I know that there was a discussion about the consumption of the
>> vertical space of the toolbar once in the mailing list.
> I also spent most of a talk at an lgm discussing this topic.
> in the bigger scheme of things (space, how usable toolbars are)
> I do not see GIMP having a toolbar.
>> 2011年1月4日20:46 peter sikking <pe...@mmiworks.net>:
>>> when making UI, one has to:
>>> 1) identify the issue
>>> 2) find the cause
>>> 3) evaluate everything (including brainstorm ideas)
>>> 4) make a solutions model
>>> 5) design the UI
>>> 6) develop it
>>> and although things go a bit jumbled every once in a while,
>>> this is what happens here at GIMP.
>> ==snip==
>>> steps 2-5 are what I bring to any project and customer I work with.
>> I agree that these features must be reviewed by many people in
>> official and commercial process,
>> but we also want to have a prototype to get positive feed back.
>> It's very good and superior point of the open source software to
>> implement GUI freely by anyone
>> and have review it by many other people.
>> It's just a patch of the my private work for now, so we can review it
>> and simply ignore many
>> of them. Let's try step 2-5 based on the feedback from existing prototype.
> nice try, but: no.
> I tried to show you why in my previous mail.
> I can only add that a developer plunking in a code change at
> users' request and then let users' feedback sort it out
> is the 'armpit of usability' (i.e. the worst possible). see:
> <http://blog.mmiworks.net/2008/09/armpit-of-usability_20.html>
Well, you don't permit the GIMP to have the toolbars even if it is OPTIONAL and
it doesn't replace or overwrite any existing GUI policy ?
I think it can be merged as an optional code, and safely ignore that feature
in compile time of runtime switch.
(currently I don't implement any switches though.)

I think open source project can have several policy as a optional
and it can provide alternative way for users who has alternative demands.
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