sigetch ( wrote:
> Well, you don't permit the GIMP to have the toolbars even if it is
> OPTIONAL and it doesn't replace or overwrite any existing GUI policy ?

Each and every optional thing is a burden. Even if disabled it clutters
the preferences dialog, it makes inconsistent User-Interfaces across
installations (think about "telephone support" where you first have to
figure out how the user interface on the other side actually looks) and
it has the potential of confusing users. So before adding a new option
we need to make sure that it is really necessary.

> I think it can be merged as an optional code, and safely ignore that feature
> in compile time of runtime switch.
> (currently I don't implement any switches though.)

Compile-Time switches are a maintenance nightmare: If larger chunks of
code are not compiled by default, the code quality tends to degrade with
the time, since it does not automatically follow the rest of the code in
the case of API changes etc.

So another burden, which - given our very limited development ressources
- is not a good idea to have.

> I think open source project can have several policy as a optional
> implementations, and it can provide alternative way for users who has
> alternative demands.

I don't get how "open source" maps to "several policys". Except maybe
that one easily can fork an open source project, if the predominant
policy feels wrong or unsuitable.

Which btw. you're free to do (although I'd consider this a bad idea).

I hope this helps,

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