On 1/4/11, Simon Budig wrote:

>> I think it can be merged as an optional code, and safely ignore that
>> feature
>> in compile time of runtime switch.
>> (currently I don't implement any switches though.)
> Compile-Time switches are a maintenance nightmare: If larger chunks of
> code are not compiled by default, the code quality tends to degrade with
> the time, since it does not automatically follow the rest of the code in
> the case of API changes etc.
> So another burden, which - given our very limited development ressources
> - is not a good idea to have.

Another problem is that every Linux distribution tends to make its own
choice what features to compile and what not to compile. The thing is
that if we go for compile-time switches, we *will* end up with
different looking GIMPs all around which is something we could do
without indeed :)

And there is also documentation burden which is rather self-explanatory.

In fact, I rather like Inkcape's horizontal tools options toolbar and
I'd like to see both apps sharing UI solutions, but IMHO the new
GIMP's text tool with its on-canvas options rendering beats the hor.
toolbar hands down.

Alexandre Prokoudine
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