On Wednesday, January 05, 2011 19:42:28 sigetch wrote:
> So if you all don't want to accept the toolbar, let's ignore them and
> discuss about the brush features.

I tried merging the smooth on top of the master yesterday. It works nicely, 
has a little bit of room for improvement(like makining the line catch up when 
you stop or finish the stroke) but when I started cleaning up the code... well, 
there are things in it that do not fit with gimp code standards at all. Like 
the circular queue thingy and the fact that it's a miniobject stuck into paint 
options object and its existence in general. The way it would need to be 
rewritten is adding a stroke array and its management functions into the paint 
core and then smoth from that. The smooth function also belongs in the paint 
core. And why does ink have its own circular buffer? whats wrong with using the 
paintcores one?

And to discuss all of this, Id like to see you in IRC :)

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