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> You may know me as the student who coded the cage tool during this summer.
> I'd like to add something about these bounty. For me, the key point
> for the health of the community dev of Gimp is the current difficulty
> to be used to the codebase. I myself had a hard time to understand how
> things works in the code, and how to do things. The main cause of
> these difficulty is the lack of technical documentation. We sometimes
> need to read hundred lines of code just to know what an objet actually
> do. The code architecture is obscur for most of the dev, and if we
> loose the key dev, we will have hard time. If i haven't the pressure
> of the GSOC program, I probably abandoned.
> I once asked why we don't have these documentation. The answer i had
> is that writing documentation is boring, that's like that in free
> software, you just have to deal with.
> That's a vicious circle. The less we have docs, the less we have dev.
> And so, and so ...
> >snip<
> My idea is to use this money to reverse the trend. Lets give bounty
> for these docs. Here is some example of documentation I think is
> needed:
>  >snip <

Code documentation is also one of the tasks that are not permitted for
instance in the Google summer of code, perhaps we could come up with a
set of bounties, or find someone motivated and fund them on a task by
task basis or even part time for documenting?

For a while, almost all the time I spent on GEGL (to the detriment of
progress wrt features and performance) was spent on cleaning it up,
and documenting it, website - references and more; this in case I
decided to completely drop the ball or get consumed by other things,
what I added was far from enough; and being the actual originator of
much of the things in GEGL I am almost a bit "cursed by knowledge" and
thus not the person best suited for it. Getting more documentation
sure will be one of the best ways of making it easier to involve more
people (and I am sorry for any bits of almost existing docs that
aren't fully integrated yet.)

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