Seasons Greetings, Saul.

> What would be the best way for me to participate in TinyScheme 
> development?

The official webpage for TinyScheme is
It is a SourceForge project so there is a mailing list, bug tracking system, 
and a version controlled source code repository.

I would suggest you join the mailing list. Its low (mostly zero) traffic. 
Get copies of the R5RS and R6RS documents. Take a look at the bug tracking 
system. Start going over the code to get a sense of how it operates. I still 
have to review it more thoroughly myself to better understand how the 
parsing and execution portions of the code.

There are a number of things that need to be done. I will to set up a wiki 
so there is a place for information about the project.

> I realize (and endorse) that changes to Script-fu/TinyScheme should be 
> quite limited

The changes to TinyScheme used in Script-Fu don't have to be limited but 
they have to be made carefully. Minimizing the changes from the official 
version makes it easier to apply changes made to the official version. 
Scheme standard Compliance changes can be applied to the official TinyScheme 
and also to the version used in Script-Fu. TinyScheme has to stay tiny so it 
can't just be changed to start using functions from glib.

One option to adding features that aren't that important to have, or which 
would be for GIMP/Script-Fu use only, is to use run-time loadable extensions.

> however, there are a couple of issues* that I'd like to 
> address and I am not sure how to go about it. It is not that I expect 
> you to do the work, but I'd like to discuss it with you.

There is another person who has expressed interest in helping with 
Script-Fu/Tiny-Fu. If its a TinyScheme specific issue, you could use the 
TinyScheme mailing list. If its more of a Script-Fu related issue, you can 
discuss on this list.

Dimitrios added me as a project manager as of the end of last year. He isn't 
programming in C any more so that makes me the only "active" developer for 

> If you do not have time at the moment, perhaps you could just make an 
> announcement on gimp-dev when you start work on a new release

I will keep that in mind. One other person has offered to help with
Script-Fu/Tiny-Fu. First, I need to write up some notes in my wiki about the 
future of Tiny-Fu and what needs to be done next.

There have been a lot of changes since the 1.39 release of TinyScheme so I 
am about to make a 1.40 release soon. There are one or two minor additional 
changes or bug fixes I am about to commit before the next release. Once I 
get the 1.40 release of TinyScheme out I will start thinking more about 
Tiny-Fu version 2.

> * File I/O in Script-fu seems to be a little buggy.I have not been able 
> to track down the problem
> I haven't been successful in determining the cause, nor have I
> tested TinyScheme itself to see if the problem exists upstream.

I have set up a build environment which allows the version of TinyScheme to 
be built and run outside of GIMP. It makes it easier to test for interpreter 
issues. I can help you set up the same build environment on your own machine 
so you can test if the problem is in TinyScheme or in Script-Fu.

> Also, I would be interested in adding functions to TinyScheme for 
> reading and writing raw characters.

That would be a useful thing to have. The functions could be added to the 
ftx extension used with Script-Fu/TinyScheme.

> Finally, I'd like to add bitwise logical operators to TinyScheme.

Bitwise operations may not be in the R5RS but they are documented as part of 
the Scheme library for R6RS.

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