Andreas_P wrote:
> But, If I am able to assist here, I'm glad to provide my help...

Thank you. I'll make some announcement when I'm ready to start work on 
Tiny-Fu version 2.

> Unfortuneatly, I only really learnt R6RS... I've to learn R5RS/Tiny
> asap...

TinyScheme is closer to R4RS in terms of what it supports. As long as you
know RnRS, where n >=4, you are good to go.

> And (when you have got time and are willing to do it) check out 
> Racket... it is going to be VERY GOOD.

I have installed it on my own computer. It certainly looks like a good 
Scheme system. It is somewhat big and more complete/complex than needed for 
Script-Fu in GIMP so its not going to be a replacement for Script-Fu's 
Scheme interpreter.

> Thank you, for your previous efforts too...

You're welcome.

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