I read the announcement on the Gimp home page regarding Gimp 2.8,
which also mentions the "broken graphic tablets support in GTK+" as a
showstopper without providing any details.

I personally can't get my tablet working with anything newer than GTK+
2.18. I filed bug reports some months ago (for details see:
https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=627022 )
so far without any reaction. Even though the problem I have makes a
tablet (or probably any X11 "extended input device") almost useless,
I also could not find any other reports about this issue - all
messages about problems with tablets are either old, or referring only
to MS Windows, so I am not sure if this is a problem only I have or if
nobody cares because there are just not enough people using such
devices (which I always suspected because at least on a dual-head
display using a tablet for many years has been very cumbersome)

Therefore I'd be very curious to know what problem that gimp
announcement is talking about and if there is actually somebody
working on it. If it's something totally different (recent postings on
this list sounded like it was GTK3-related - I didn't' even know there
was such a thing ...), I'd still like to know if the problem that I
have is for some mysterious reason only affecting me or if if this is
a known issue - and maybe even some hope for a fix ...
(Until I find a solution for this, I am stuck with gtk2.12 and gimp
versions old enough to work with it)

Even though the problem itself is clearly in GTK and not in Gimp,
maybe there is some interest here because Gimp certainly is the most
prominent application that can use GTK's tablet support ...


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