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 > > On 01/19/11 23:15, Ilgaz Öcal wrote: > > Hello, > > > > After
 spending some time on IRC, I decided this is the best way to > > report
 it. I noticed Nokia "Ovi Store" (an app store) carries a software > >
 named "SnapMe" which is clearly not GPL using GIMP application icon.
 You > > should be able to see when you click on following link: > >
 http://store.ovi.com/search?q=SnapMe > > > > I did my best to report
 (c) violation to Nokia but from what I hear, > > their staff is way
 overloaded. Actual way to report it is at article 7 > > of following
 document which requires you to be the actual copyright > > owner of the
 image. <snip> > > What a joke! It is not for Nokia to impose stringent
 conditions on those > who wish to notify them of possible illegal
 content in their products. > It is their responsibility to ensure they
 are not breaking the law.

 You can ask 300 million Symbian users and ex-Symbian users about their
 jokes but it doesn't change they stupidly created that policy
 preventing me from reporting it in an official way that will be
 archived on their systems and legally bind them.

 > > You do not need to be the copyright holder to inform them you
 believe > they are breaking the law. > > If you want to act on this ,
 just send them a written letter by a signed > for mail service to one
 of there corporate offices. > > I would strongly advise against any
 "sworn statement" and suggest you > couch everything in conditional
 disclaimers like "it appears that" , "I > believe that" etc. so that
 they can't accuse you of anything. > > BTW the logo has not been
 "stolen" , gimp.org is still in possession of > it and still using it.
 Theft implies dispossessing someone of a physical > object. Making a
 copy does not deprive the rightful owner of possession. > Copyright
 infringement is a civil offence not to be assimilated with > theft
 which is a criminal act. Yes, I couldn't find correct word for it and
 my purpose of posting that message to developer list of an application
 which I can't even build (because of arch issues) to send an "heads up"
 to GIMP project developers, who really "owns" it. So, that is why I
 used the "" sign.

 > > The logo has not been stolen , neither were the climategate emails
 > stolen. That just stupid tabloid newpaper language.

 While posting the message, I had a feeling that it is slightly off
 topic. What gave me the reason is actually GIMP doesn't have (or I
 couldn't find) a dedicated page to report license issues like Mozilla
 folks have. On the other hand, as you see I am posting with my real
 name, not "/IO", I am not a native english speaker. It is persons like
 you who really manages to make people "afraid" of sending any feedback,
 positive or negative. This is not a copyright matters forum or English
 lecture class. I have no reason to debate whether I am posting in the
 right terms or if I, as a foreigner who speaks english as a second
 language uses "Tabloid" language.

 Message purpose to reach GIMP developers about this very shameful act
 by a developer who sure knows what GIMP is (Symbian isn't a toy to
 code) and let them contact Nokia as our feedback would likely be lost
 in thousands of "my app is bwoken" kind of messages.

 I was expecting some kind of "off topic" flame but not this. It is
 really interesting that only absolute offtopic message with flaming the
 messenger for the choice of words happens on this particular open
 source projects mailing list.

 I got my lesson second time for attempting to help an open source
 project in a positive manner.

 > > /gg > > > So as I know copyright issues should be taken serious,
 especially by GPL > > software, I thought I better report it this way.
 > > > > Sorry for off topic message, if it is...

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