Hi all,

I know that 2.7 is still in development and much will change but I hope 
you don't mind some comments.

This is about the scale bars in the brush attribute editor etc.

I find it hard to use especially when I try to set the Size to something 
less than 40 in the normal width. Is it possible to add some kind of 
decelerator (hotkey?) on those so it would be easier to fine tune? I 
find the small up and down buttons useless. It might be an idea to 
adjust the scale to reflect the zoom from 1:1 pixel? It would also be 
nice if the number where selected so they easily could be replaced with 
a new value without having to try to select it by dragging the mouse 
pointer which may or may not work depending on where the scale bar is 

Emil Assarsson
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