Where can I help? Here's an ultra-short overview of my background:

* 18 years overall development experience including software engineering,
team leader, and senior IT management.

* Expert-level C, C++, C#, etc. knowledge.

* Extensive 3D design and development knowledge (texture mapping, 3D scene
rendering, lighting, etc).

* Decent knowledge of file format specs for most common image file formats,
as well as some experience writing apps that make in-memory (on the fly)
changes to image data.

* Have tried my hand at various self-invented strategies for pattern
recognition within image data.

* Now working, oddly enough, in unrelated areas dealing with Lean
Manufacturing, Quality Systems, etc.

* Have been using GIMP for certain things for about 3 years or so.

* Have some extra time I could devote . . . but will wait to quantify that
until I hear where you need help.

* Well, there's more . . .

Let me know.


Steve Greenwalt
Layton, Utah
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