I have been reviewing Gimp / GEGL source code . . . to get familiar with
everything . . . so that I have some context to understand where I might
help the project.

But I am operating in a "void" because I don't understand:

   - How the development effort is organized.

   - Is there a team leader?
      - What tools, etc. are being used to manage things such as:
         - Feature requests, bug reports, etc.
         - Component development.
         - Testing.
         - And all the other usual stuff.

         - What the development priorities are, and where programmer
   resources are needed.

The main Gimp website says that the new priority is expansion of the GEGL

But, does that mean that major feature development for main Gimp app is
being stopped until the GEGL engine is ready?

I, for one, love Gimp but would really like to see one or new features such

   - Support for sub-layers (i.e. nesting of layers in tree-style control).
   - Ability to delete multiple layers at the same time, rather than
   - Layer-by-layer history . . . so that you can undo changes within the
   current layer only.

Should I offer help in those areas?

Again, I just need some context.


Steve Greenwalt
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