I am getting the impression that the Gimp project is trapped in a 
chicken-and-egg problem with regard to attracting new contributors, 
where the few core developers are too busy maintaining the product to 
spend a lot of time helping new developers come on board.

Gimp is an extremely large and complex system. I am a fairly experienced 
coder myself, and have recently submitted patches for two open bugs. But 
those were easy ones, not really related to any Gimp structures but 
basic "C" bug fixing. I have looked at some of the other outstanding 
bugs and for most don't have a clue where to start, or how to make sure 
that my fix fits in the vision, or that it doesn't break something else.

At this point, knowing how busy the core Gimp developers are, and 
recognizing that it will take more time for them to walk me through a 
problem and a solution than it would take them to just fix the issue 
themselves, I am hesitant to ask for a lot of help. On the other hand, 
the idea of just delving in and figuring it out myself is quite daunting.

Which is where my thought of a "boot camp" came in. What if there was a 
group of potential new developers all struggling with the same learning 
curve? Wouldn't it be great if an experienced Gimp developer could lead 
the whole group through a series of exercises, designed to gain 
experience and understanding of the Gimp and Gegl internals.

This would require some serious commitment of time by one or more of the 
Gimp developers, and would mean other work wouldn't get done. The 
potential payoff however in the form of bringing one or more additional 
Gimp developers up to speed could be significant.

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