On 01/27/2011 05:29 PM, Øyvind Kolås wrote:
> Feel free to drop by the #gimp and #gegl IRC channels to ask directed
> smart questions for understanding the code. Also be aware that some of
> the existing core contributors both dislike email in the first place,
> and are "cursed by knowledge" thus not the best people to write
> introductions to how things work; new-comers are in a better situation
> to do this. For the last few years GIMP (and GEGL) have been involved
> in Google Summer of Code which can be considered some form of such a
> boot camp - some of the students have also stuck around after their
> last money from google arrived, the common practice in the last years
> has also been that the domain experts have not neccesarily been direct
> mentors for students but "meta-mentors", giving guidance on irc in the
> public channels for any problems that might crop up.
I've tried asking questions in the #gimp channel, but rarely get an 
answer. I guess the right people would have to be on-line for that to 
work. I'm thinking that maybe most contributors are in Europe or on the 
US West Coast. By the time I get off work (US East Coast), it's past 
midnight in Europe...

I'm not saying that the "boot camp" idea is the best solution. But I do 
have the impression there is a bit of a problem. I've noticed a lot of 
complaining about there not being enough people to contribute, and about 
it taking too much effort to bring new contributors up to speed...

Another thought: I do have some technical writing skills (although it is 
not my profession). If there are areas where I could write 
documentation, having support from the experts on my many questions, and 
have it end up on the developer.gimp.org, maybe that would help.

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