On Thu, 2011-01-27 at 16:56 -0700, Stephen Greenwalt wrote:
> * The project ought to be able to exist in a "bubble" . . . so as to
> avoid confusion . . . regarding copies of dependencies that might
> exist in the OS.

Automated builds are typically used to verify dependency issues on
multiple platforms and I believe there is work being done on automated

However, building from GIT does require building within a sandbox (a
local directory tree) where you can build all the required pieces you
don't already have or for which you need more recent versions.  I talk a
little about this on my book's blog:

I added some scripts I use to keep my GIT tree build up to date on
Fedora to the end of that entry today.

> * Multiple different project versions ought to be able to exist on the
> same machine without stepping over each other.

There is little to prevent this now.  When you build with autoconf you
pass --prefix to the configure script for all the prerequisites up to
and including GIMP.  That gives you the sort of "bubble" you were
talking about, to the extent it covers direct prerequisites for GIMP.

If you do this, then running GIMP is just a matter of setting the
LD_LIBRARY_PATH and PATH to point to the installation directory (re:
what you passed with --prefix).  In this way, you can run many different
versions of GIMP though not at the same time.  The only place they
overlap is the .gimp-x.y user directories.  This can also be handled
with a shell script that points .gimp-x.y to another directory with a
symlink before it starts a particular installed development version.  

> * Shouldn't we standardize on a common development IDE (like Eclipse)?
> If I am missing something in that area . . . let me know.

IDE's are crutches.  Based on the source tree I don't think the
developers use them but I could be wrong.  I don't even use IDEs for
Java programming.  Unless you include cscope as an IDE.

Don't bog down in the tools.  Open the file and read it.  That's how you
learn code. 

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