On 01/28/2011 12:56 AM, Stephen Greenwalt wrote:
> It is huge.  Incredible, actually.  Who wrote all of this?  Wow.

To see who wrote all this, visit https://www.ohloh.net/p/gimp/contributors

> A few comments:
> * It seems to work best to put the entire project (all source, and all
> build product) under a project folder in the Home directory.
> * If possible, that should include a /copy /of any external dependencies
> . . . with environment variables (etc) adjusted accordingly
> * The project ought to be able to exist in a "*bubble*" . . . so as to
> avoid confusion . . . regarding copies of dependencies that might exist
> in the OS.

I've tried quite a few different setups, and I find this to be the best:

> * Multiple different project versions ought to be able to exist on the
> same machine without stepping over each other.

As have already been pointed out, you can already do that, just use 
different --prefix:es

> * If we do it right, compiling for Linux vs. Windows vs. OSx ought
> require no more than the flip of a switch.  The Blender folks, and
> others, are moving in that direction.

I agree, we should make nightly .rpm, .deb, .exe and .dmg builds. Quite 
a bit of work left to get there though.

> * Shouldn't we standardize on a common development IDE (like Eclipse)?
>   If I am missing something in that area . . . let me know.

If you want a good IDE I recommend Qt Creator. If I were to start fresh 
today, I would probably use Qt Creator instead of Emacs.



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