On 28 January 2011 17:58, Michael J. Hammel <mjham...@graphics-muse.org>
> On Fri, 2011-01-28 at 08:39 +0100, Martin Nordholts wrote:
> > Hmm I don't understand your reasoning. So you rather waste time manually
> > refactoring Java code than using Eclipse' excellent integrated
> > reafactoring features?
> Yes, though your evaluation of "excellent" could be argued as
> subjective.  From my perspective, it's a better waste of time than
> wondering though the plethora of useless features of most IDEs.  The
> best Unix developer I ever met (Ken Witte, Dell Computer) bounced around
> code 10 times faster than I've ever seen anyone with an IDE.
> Any tool will do if you know how to use it.  It's what you do with it
> that's important.  That's what I mean by "don't get bogged down by the
> tools".

You mean he could compile and edit different with the press of a single
button instead of going to console typing make, shifting editors around etc?
I use IDE's too and I find them extremely helpful. Using an IDE where
everything is accesible from a single program does not seem
counterproductive to me. Now if people like to do it the hard way, it's up
to them, but trying to force your way to others, because you think it makes
you...I don't know, a better programmer(which obviously isn't the case, this
guy you mention would FLY if he used an IDE)?It makes me think of an elitist
attitude that frankly, is not compatible with me. 'If you can't do it the
hard way you're not good enough to be bothered with'.
 Don't forget that most people do development in their free time and having
to learn all these tools just to do something they are already good
at(coding) is very annoying. That -is- getting bogged down by the tools.
Having people telling them that they are not good enough if they can't do
it, is even more annoying.
Personally I'm still struggling with git right now and it would be great if
I didn't have to surf around for information/tutorials. I have spent a
couple of hours trying out things that could have been spent coding. Not
everyone has this kind of patience I'm afraid..Take Blender for example. In
their development pages they have extremely clear, newbie-oriented
instructions on how to download the repository, compile on a
platform-by-platform basis etc. Noone there said to people that the best
programmers around know how to use svn and and we are not going to bother
with you.
It's marketing I'm afraid(because I don't like marketing): make it easy for
people to come and they'll come.

Lucasz, +1 for everything you've written!
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