2011/1/28 Łukasz Czerwiński <lc277...@students.mimuw.edu.pl>:
> I'd like to write a little bit on some of the topics.
> Q&A
> I think that for a start a Wiki with Q&A edited by everyone could be a good
> solution. If it gets too complicated, it can be split in sections, pages,
> categories and so on.
Such a wiki has been started. Its hosted by me at
http://gimp-wiki.who.ee and has been devised as unformal developer
space. What it lacks is contributors. Joining easy. A request to me
with desired wiki name and email and that's it. If you want to
maintain the developer FAQ, please step up.

The wiki pointed out above already contains a howto for netbeans.
Netbeans is the only ide Ive gotten to actually code-complete for me
and allows me to navigate project in the manner I like. And before
netbeans Ive used pretty much anything:P

> Tutor / supervisor (an experienced developer)
> It's a good idea to choose one or two developers responsible for the whole
> "Newbie Developers Boot Camp".
We currently have exactly 2 active developers, me and mitch. And we do
try to help out noobs as much as we can at #gimp. This is where the
"noob bootcamp" happened at least for me. And when I joined #gimp for
the first time with a bug on my mind my experience with C was very
much limited. It has taken over 4 years to get into the codebase and
develop a clue and I still have a long way to go.

> From time to time I can see emails "Hey, I'd like to help you, but don't
> know where to start". Some people will get this knowledge on their own (or
> will try to get it from IRC channels), but some won't and aren't brave
> enough to spam all developers on a Gimp list with his/her newbie questions.
People who do this "Hi, im bored, give me something to hack" usually
lack the commitment it takes to get into a large code base like GIMP.
People who stick around and evolve into developers come to us with an
issue or a plan. something they want to fix. And then they read the
code and slowly get good enough. Thats the only way I know, that
works. Have an idea what you want to change and then do it by asking
questions. We like sensible questions. In fact, not asking questions
is IMHO a good reason to flunk a student at GSoC mid-term :P If you
want answers, join IRC. And stay connected long enough to answer. the
last guy who did that(IRC name Acumen) had so bad connection that in
the 10 minutes it took for me to see the question his link had already
dropped and I had nobody to answer.


PS. Sorry for spam  Łukasz, to was meant for the list.
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