On 1/30/11, Bogdan Szczurek wrote:

> Lately I've been discussing with a collegue of mine some differences
> between Gimp and Photoshop and how long-time Ps user feel when seated
> in front of Gimp. I know… I know… the neverending subject, but I'm not
> trying to start the flame again,

Do you genuinely expect us to believe it? :)))

> So, how about a small extension to GUI to let one choose one of
> predefined shortcut sets and including “Photoshop compatible” shortcuts
> to the source tree? I know many people would be much pleased
> with that, since a seasoned Ps user tend to rather “just poke the right
> key” to do his bidding that to wander through the menu. I'm not trying
> to prove one shortcut scheme better than the other.
> Now seriously… what do you think?

Being the utter bastard who updated the Photoshop mocking keyboard
scheme file a while ago to match CS4 shortcuts I can only say that I'm
terribly sorry about having done it.

Here is my reasoning.

Shortcuts are integral part of the whole thing that shapes habits of
users, especially the motor function. If you keep a bug chunk of
interaction from one application and replace one of its integral parts
with a bit from a different application with different approach to
user interfaces, you get a monster of a very nearly tentacular nature.

By adding the scheme switch you advertize this monster (well, a
halfhearted measure at best). As we use to say in Uberwald, if you
don't want a monster, you don't pull a lever :)

P.S. So, should I go ahead and update it again to match CS5? :)

Alexandre Prokoudine
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