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> Yes, perhaps it might be nice if the key to get the eraser was the same
> in inkscape and gimp and blender and gedit and krita and mypaint, but it
> could no longer be "E" because that inserts text in gedit, so we'd end
> up using conrtol-shift-e or something. But that's already Export in gimp
> now, and what if it does something in Blender?

I don't know if you're intentionally setting up a stawman here, but
inkscape is a vector editor, blender is a 3D modeler, and gedit is a
text editor.  These applications aren't in the same domain as GIMP and

Exercising my bad analogy skills, I would expect GIMP, MyPaint, and
PhotoShop accelerators to all "speak" English, though one might be
American, another British, and another Australian.  Inkscape may sound
a bit more like Jamaican and Blender would be German (or perhaps
Navajo, since they don't even honor <F1> as help).

So all I'm suggesting is that instead of simply producing PhotoShop
keybindings (which is a fine idea, IMO) that an interested person
actually look at the broader picture to see if there is any
accelerator convergence among peer applications and propose bringing
GIMP into alignment where it makes sense to do so.

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