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> I'm actually Ok with this. But we have to agree what we mean by "peer
> applications" - I'd say gimp and inkscape are, for example, and not gimp
> and photoshop.

So your argument is that on the "Software Spectrum" GIMP is not a
graphics application but is first a GNOME application.  For the people
who want, you know, to create GNOME.  It just happens to create GNOME
using graphics.

That's sarcasm of course - you say that primary platform trumps
application domain, and GIMP is GNOME because that's where it's
hosted; a rather myopic and user-hostile view, IMHO.  Most people
don't care one whit about GNOME or where GIMP is hosted.  They want
software that is better than what they currently have, fits the way
they work, and is relatively familiar ... which is going to lead down
an ugly road.

So let me ask you this instead:  Are you going to oppose a patch that
changes the GIMP shortcut for FG/BG fill to match PhotoShop's on the
basis that Backspace does something completely different in GEdit?  Or
on the basis that GIMP is not a PS clone?  Or some other reason?  Or
would you have no opposition at all?

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