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> I don't know if you're intentionally setting up a stawman here, but
> inkscape is a vector editor, blender is a 3D modeler, and gedit is a
> text editor.  These applications aren't in the same domain as GIMP and
> MyPaint.

Don't dismiss it so quickly. It may not be very important for a 2D graphic
artist, but for a 3d artist, to have the same keybindings in their 2d and 3d
apps would be very useful. I work with 3ds Max and Photoshop on a daily basis
and I have to switch between the two often. even after 10 years It gets annoying
that simple tasks like "panning the view" or "cloning a selection" is
completely different in the two (Autodesk is mostly to blame in this case).
When you work with a number of apps, and you need to work fast, having to shift
mental gears between apps always slows you down. I still occasionally use
Ctrl-alt-z to undo more than one step when I'm in 3ds max because this is how
it's done in Photoshop, and I end up zooming to the scene extents instead.
I try my best to synchronize keybindings where I can.

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