Actually, I intended this thread to be about “Photoshop «compatibility»
mode” (quotation marks to emphasize that I meant only particular kind of
compatibility :)).

I'm afraid the conversation went a bit off-topic since I didn't
suggested changes in _default_ shortcuts scheme for GIMP. What I
suggested was _possibility_ to easily choose, via GUI, among
some predefined shortcut sets.

> I am also not suggesting blindly following "old Adobe products".
> However, it is equally a mistake to blindly follow "old GIMP products"
> when it's clear the rest of the world is moving to another set of
> default keybindings.  The crux of my argument is simply that -
> regardless of what we've become used to - it is beneficial to all
> users - existing and future - to monitor default keybindings across
> peer applications and mimic each other where appropriate.

I agree.

If GIMP would have simple shortcut switcher, whole problem of “what
should be default” could be marginalized, because the keyboard control
“profile” will be so trivial to change that it wouldn't matter “what's
default” anymore. At least it woudn't matter so much.

> I do like the page Alexandre put together on the Create wiki, but I do
> not like that closed-source applications appear to have been excluded.
>  I don't want to diverge into a Free Software "Purity" versus Open
> Source "Practicality" debate but closed source applications are an
> important part of the software ecosystem -- if for no other reason
> than we're trying to provide a better alternative to them.  And
> "better alternative" in no way, shape, or form means "clone".

I think that word “better” is very important here. “Better” does not
mean “different at all costs”. If “curves” paradigm works nicely then
we're not trying to replace it with something else just for the change's
sake. I think shortcuts are similar in that matter. If Ps shortcuts are
much used in practice and tutorials then why not give a chance to have
them mimicked as an option? Again, I know it is possible right now to
have Ps-like behaving GIMP but the way to achieving it isn't so much
appealing to a graphic designer. Believe me I've heard some words of
frustration from a couple of persons. So the question is not “if” it is
possible but “how hard” it is to be done. I propose to make it simpler
for the sake of less-technical userbase (which would be “a lot” among
graphic designers).

> However, if an application is intended to be cross-platform, it should
> conform to the conventions of that platform.  Very broadly, that means
> on MacOS it should do the weird titlebar thing by default; it would do
> single window mode on Windows; Ok/Cancel conventions would match the
> platform; and as there really aren't that many expectations of what a
> *nix system looks like, it can pretty much be whatever - but should
> follow the GNOME HIG on GNOME and the KDE HIG on KDE ... ideally.  And
> these HIGs should not have sections called anything like "Keyboard
> shortcuts for raster image editors".

Here shortcut scheme switcher would be much appreciated. It could
choose proper defaults on the first run, but also allow to change the
whole set of them on the fly. Interesting is that Adobe apps have
shortcut switcher which is a blessing to use in situations when I have
to change the seats with one of my collegues. He uses quite queer
shortcuts so to work as fast as usual and not to swear frequently I
revert back to default shortcuts. When my work is done I set his own
shortcuts and it's as simple as that. Anyway… such thing is
_convenient_. And not such a revolution too.

Simply: I vote to have shortcut set switcher in GIMP and apart
from GIMP's own shortcuts a scheme that mimicks Ps' “in the
same package”.

Best regards and thanks for upholding the discussion!

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