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Christopher Curtis <ccurt...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I asked if anyone would complain about a patch that brings GIMP in
> line with every other program that I could find wrt using Backspace as
> color fill.  One person objected, nobody said it would be a fine patch
> -- they'd rather complain about Photoshop users.

So to answer your question (albeit in a statistically insignificant
way), no-one wants the patch.

The problem is that you have a definition of what constitutes the
peer-group of an application that no-one else seems to agree with. But
since your argument is predicated on your definition, you're not going
to make any headway.

And I'm inclined to agree that the peer-group of an application is
those applications likely to be found in the same environment. The
proportion of use-time spend adjusting to a new application will (in
most cases I hope) be a fraction of the total use-time of that
application. So why configure an application in order to improve that
small period? I'm not sure that many people use both PS and gimp. The
scale of the applications and UIs means that most people will be using
one or the other. However, it's likely that users of gimp will also be
users of gedit (substitute any other OSS app here). gimp's
immediate peer-group would be those non-overlapping but
related applications (blender, inkscape), followed by other unrelated
applications likely to be found in the same working environment. It's
not going to be other applications that fulfill more or less the same

My 2c (as a regular and long-term reader of this group, but a
non-contributing one).

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