Alexandre Prokoudine <alexandre.prokoudine <at>> writes:

> On 2/1/11, Christopher Curtis wrote:
> > I would agree that there are problems with the way people tend to
> > interact on this list.  One of which is the knee-jerk reaction
> > whenever an email comes across with the word Photoshop in it.
> What you call "knee-jerk reaction" is the result of generations of
> users coming and telling the team to just make GIMP like Photoshop or
> make it easy to make it behave like Photoshop (which is the same thing
> really). Would you like to lead this project for the next dozen of
> years to get an idea? :)
> Alexandre Prokoudine

How about this as a suggestion:
Find an existing menuRc files with photoshop key bindings. Ask the author if it
can be included in a Gimp release. Include it as a renamed file so its not
loaded by default. find a maintainer for it (the original author if possible,
but if not, I can do it).

Add a single "For Photoshop users" page to the help file. There, tell users how
to change the menurc file so they have photoshop-like keys. This won't change
the application in any way, and will enable those who insist on it to have
photoshop key bindings. I can't see any downside and it's very easy to 

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