On Tue, Feb 1, 2011 at 5:30 PM, Christopher Curtis wrote:

>> What you call "knee-jerk reaction" is the result of generations of
>> users coming and telling the team to just make GIMP like Photoshop or
> I recognize the root of the issue, but that makes it no less an issue.
>  What may seem to you like bikeshedding seems to me like the immortal
> remnants of the Carol Spears hydra.
> I asked if anyone would complain about a patch that brings GIMP in
> line with every other program that I could find wrt using Backspace as
> color fill.  One person objected, nobody said it would be a fine patch
> -- they'd rather complain about Photoshop users.

Because people talk about the big picture. Pretty please carefully
reread what Jon Cruz wrote in the thread. It's a spot-on message.

Alexandre Prokoudine
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