> On Tue, Feb 1, 2011 at 5:17 PM, Michael Grosberg
> <grosberg.mich...@gmail.com> wrote:
> > Add a single "For Photoshop users" page to the help file. There,
> > tell users how to change the menurc file so they have
> > photoshop-like keys. This won't change the application in any way,
> > and will enable those who insist on it to have photoshop key
> > bindings. I can't see any downside and it's very easy to implement.
> I see no reason why this mod should be maintained in the GIMP tree.
> It's an optional mod and as such, along with other PS specific
> customizations should belong in a separate project, just like GPS
> presets(that are valuable even on vanilla gimp, instead of the patched
> one) and FX foundry.

The reason is: most graphic developers I know don't like to mingle
more than what can be mingled with their app GUI. Almost everytime
suggestion to change some file manually is welcomed with an unpleasant
grimace ;) and rather nasty feeling about proposed tool. I'd love to
avoid that with GIMP while trying to promote it. That's why I suggested
the whole shortcut scheme/theme thing. I did it even more so because in
fact GIMP is halfway there with configurable shortcuts. What I'd love
to have is being able to change all of them with one switch. In my GIMP
2.7.1 there are options to save shortcuts, restore fatory defaults and
clear them. I'd like to be able to change them not only to Ps-like but
also to ones custom defined suitable for cleaning some scans while
preparing reedition of a book or while retouching some photos. I don't
like to do that by exchanging config file every time I need to make a
general change or by hunting down proper actions in menus or shortcut
editor. That's all :). Maybe all this conversation would turn other
way if I didn't use the dreaded Ps banner ;).

Best regards!

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