> On Jan 30, 2011, at 12:12 PM, Liam R E Quin wrote:
> > On Sun, 2011-01-30 at 01:43 +0100, Bogdan Szczurek wrote:
> > 
> >> The thing is, that we concluded that permamenet transition or even
> >> occasional use of Gimp would be much more appealing for Ps-bred
> >> guys (like me ;)) if one would have possibility to use the same
> >> (or at least much similar) keyboard shortcuts.
> > 
> > There's some danger here -- as people in Germany found when they
> > compared moving to KDE or Gnome from Windows: when the new system
> > is too similar to the old, people start going into automatic mode,
> > and trip up much more over the differences.
> This came up at linux.conf.au this week. I had a chance to talk with
> a couple of users and graphic designers about UI, including the issue
> of being made similar to Adobe products. The almost immediate
> response was that if the program is not going to behave *exactly* as
> the Adobe one does, in smallest detail, then it is far better to have
> an explicitly distinct UI.

Yes, _if_ the program _is_not_going_to_behave_exactly. But there's much
convergence here. Most paradigms and ideas are the same. I dare to say
in many cases shortcut is what differs most. Anyway, I didn't
suggest to change _default_ shortcuts but to enable one to choose
between a couple sets of them _by_ default.

I'd like to see some _real_ innovation in GIMP (like “display filters”
or quite novel GUI) but by this thread I'm trying to refer to here and
now. Since I'm a graphic designer I'm trying to pull things towards my
side to have the tool I'd really like to use. Forgive the blasphemy,
but maybe it would be nice to try to build new tool from the
scratch instead of evolving the old one (please don't tell me that I can
“fork off” ;)—I really don't mean to offend anybody, most honestly).
Thinking about the problem from “point zero” could help to throw
away old habits and ways of thinking. I remeber one time some attempt
to revolutionize GIMP's GUI but the changes, if brought, haven't been
of such great magnitude as I expected.

> Being "close" just leaves the end user with a vague feeling of
> incompleteness and that the software is not really ready for serious
> use.

I agree, but also I think that similar shortcuts would help to lessen
such feeling.

Best regards!

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