> Furthermore, collaborating with Inkscape *instead* makes a lot of
> sense, because GIMP + Inkscape are a usual combo. Blindly reusing
> shortcuts from old Adobe products doesn't make a lot of sense.

Blindly—yes. But proposition is not to do it that way. My reason is: I
want to promote GIMP to e.g. my collegues who are used to using Ps.
Most of their work is doing some corrections and while doing so they
rarely use anything else than the pointer and keyboard shortcuts. If
they want to try new app they'd like to hit the usual key to get to
usual tool. Not getting it leaves them simply frustrated. I hope to
lessen the frustration by offering them shortcuts they know. I can do
that by telling them to seek some file and change it with the one I've
provided or by asking project leaders and comunity what do they think
about having “shortcut switch” and option to use Ps-accels by default.
Then I'd be able to tell my friends: “Just go to preferences and choose
Ps shortcuts”. This solution appears harder to get but easier to use
when provided.

> I'd
> have to look at Ps again to make sure nothing changed, but Illustrator
> carries around somewhat inconsistent shortcuts exactly because old
> habits die hard. I'd say that the idea of reusing shortcuts from an
> application where they had been stacked on top of each other over
> years without review is a bit on the crazy side.
> The very same "many people" who don't care about GNOME want GIMP to be
> a drop-in Photoshop replacement.

I do honestly care about them both.

> Needless to say, this is not the
> point why GIMP exists and is being worked on. One would have to lose
> all self-respect and joy of life to work on a free drop-in replacement
> for *any* software project.

Yet GIMP is often compared to Ps and I think not only due to the fact
that both are raster graphic editors. I think that now they share too
many ideas about graphics editing to avoid being compared any other way
than tool for tool. There are voices in this conversation about having
GIMP a quite different tool than any other, but I'm afraid it's not so
different after all. Please don't be mad at me for saying that for I
don't intend to offend anybody. I just see it that way. If somebody
would be willing to kindly prove me wrong, I'd be happy to talk it over
on another thread :) (it could be beneficial to enumerating GIMP
distinct features and workflow ideas e.g. as a part of wiki).

Best regards!

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