On 2/2/11, Bogdan Szczurek wrote:

> different after all. Please don't be mad at me for saying that for I
> don't intend to offend anybody.

Nobody's mad at you :) I see where you are coming from, I even spent
some time in the past providing this kind of solutions for e.g.
Inkscape users (http://bit.ly/i2HJeR), but you see, the whole topic is
really about near-term outlook vs. long-term outlook.

Providing an easy way to switch to Ps shortcuts scheme is a near-term
solution, i.e. useful for people who just need GIMP once or twice in
their life after having used Ps for a decade or so. For people who
want to switch from Ps to GIMP this near-term solution will do a
terrible job: they will never get full mapping of keys (believe me, I
know what I'm saying), they won't be motivated enough to move to
native shortcuts, and they will find it difficult to follow all kinds
of documentation.

(I'm not even saying how introducing this switch will motivate
everyone to ask the team to provide Ps-like menus using the very same

Alexandre Prokoudine
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