> On 2/2/11, Bogdan Szczurek wrote:
> > different after all. Please don't be mad at me for saying that for I
> > don't intend to offend anybody.
> Nobody's mad at you :)

And I said that to be sure that nobody will be :).

> I see where you are coming from, I even spent
> some time in the past providing this kind of solutions for e.g.
> Inkscape users (http://bit.ly/i2HJeR), but you see, the whole topic is
> really about near-term outlook vs. long-term outlook.

I guess it is after all…

> Providing an easy way to switch to Ps shortcuts scheme is a near-term
> solution, i.e. useful for people who just need GIMP once or twice in
> their life after having used Ps for a decade or so. For people who
> want to switch from Ps to GIMP this near-term solution will do a
> terrible job: they will never get full mapping of keys (believe me, I
> know what I'm saying), they won't be motivated enough to move to
> native shortcuts, and they will find it difficult to follow all kinds
> of documentation.

Frankly I didn't expect such oposition agains idea of switchable
shortcut “profiles”. Since shortcuts are modifiable anyway then why
shoudn't they be changable en masse with profiles? – were my thoughts. I
guess my mistake was to bring Ps case in ;).

> (I'm not even saying how introducing this switch will motivate
> everyone to ask the team to provide Ps-like menus using the very same
> reasoning.)

Possibly… but dropping Ps out of the thing, I still like the idea of
“accelerator themes”. Yet I totaly respect people's opinion on that

Best regards!

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