I'm responding about the advertisement "Plans for 2.8 and beyond" to help
the team to freely code gimp. Here is a little resume :

*student in 4th year of mathematics in belgium.
*I could fellow some lessons in computer science : Operating systems, data
storage stuctures, and currently some computer graphics..
*external student in drawing. (aka already a good gimp & mypaint user)
*My current computer runs on a x86-64 Archlinux with Xmonad as window
*Computer langagues:
--->"Native speaker" : C, java (6)  and Oz (An erlang-syntax like
functional language), shells
--->Good skill: C++, haskell
--->Rarely used: Python, php, erlang
I never used any other language

What I'm stong at:
* Learning.
* Avoid ugly spaghetti-like code.

What I'm weak at:
* Not very well rolled up about git, but I know well svn.
* Bug fixes organisation

Direct issue :
I manage at home to clone the git repos and to eventually build it. But I
cannot "$git pull " anymore with the university wireless... it says :

git.gnome.org[0:]: errno=Connection timed out
fatal: unable to connect a socket (Connection timed out)

I do not dare to try to code a bugfix if I cannot update the source code.
Someone might already fix the one i picked ! I have no idea what could
possibly wrong...

(Moreover, I couldn't find any documentation about the general stucture of
the gimp architecture, like blender have since a few mounths. Is there
some data about this somewhere on the web ?)

Many thanks for any help,

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