2011/1/28 Alexia Death <alexiade...@gmail.com>

> 2011/1/28 Łukasz Czerwiński <lc277...@students.mimuw.edu.pl>:
> > I'd like to write a little bit on some of the topics.
> > Q&A
> > I think that for a start a Wiki with Q&A edited by everyone could be a
> good
> > solution. If it gets too complicated, it can be split in sections, pages,
> > categories and so on.
> Such a wiki has been started. Its hosted by me at
> http://gimp-wiki.who.ee and has been devised as unformal developer
> space. What it lacks is contributors. Joining easy. A request to me
> with desired wiki name and email and that's it. If you want to
> maintain the developer FAQ, please step up.

Oh, that's great that something already exists :)

Some time ago I've posted a list of "silly questions" that maybe raised by
newbie developers. Why not place it there as a FAQ?

> The wiki pointed out above already contains a howto for netbeans.
> Netbeans is the only ide Ive gotten to actually code-complete for me
> and allows me to navigate project in the manner I like. And before
> netbeans Ive used pretty much anything:P

Maybe Eclipse then? Anyone uses Eclipse to develop GIMP?

> > From time to time I can see emails "Hey, I'd like to help you, but don't
> > know where to start". Some people will get this knowledge on their own
> (or
> > will try to get it from IRC channels), but some won't and aren't brave
> > enough to spam all developers on a Gimp list with his/her newbie
> questions.
> People who do this "Hi, im bored, give me something to hack" usually
> lack the commitment it takes to get into a large code base like GIMP.
> People who stick around and evolve into developers come to us with an
> issue or a plan. something they want to fix. And then they read the
> code and slowly get good enough. Thats the only way I know, that
> works. Have an idea what you want to change and then do it by asking
> questions. We like sensible questions. In fact, not asking questions
> is IMHO a good reason to flunk a student at GSoC mid-term :P If you
> want answers, join IRC. And stay connected long enough to answer. the
> last guy who did that(IRC name Acumen) had so bad connection that in
> the 10 minutes it took for me to see the question his link had already
> dropped and I had nobody to answer.

Well, I don't agree. There are (many!) people that don't know how developing
an open-source program looks like and what can work on at start. So they
just ask for some guidance. Maybe there should be a section on Wiki "How to
become a developer?" or "Your first steps" or similar. And there: an
information about IRC channel, this mailing list, how bug tracking works and
that one can find some easy bugs and try to patch them.

Łukasz Czerwiński
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