Something I noticed in Gimp 2.7.3 
(updated recently from matthaeus123/mrw-gimp-svn).

The problem is with selecting a non-uniform aspect ratio for brushes: if you set
it to something too high, you begin to see spacing between the brush's strokes
on the canvas, so instead of a continuous line you see a dotted line when you
try to draw a line in the direction of the brush's shorter axis.

I think the spacing calculation does not take into effect the aspect ratio
correctly, and acts as if the longest axis is the base length from which spacing
is derived, while it should be, I believe, the short axis that affects the

Also, The aspect ratio slider is not very intuitive - would it be possible
to have 0 as the default state (height = width), with, say negative numbers
for scaling height and positive for scaling width? I know it makes no sense
mathematically, but visually it would help to have the slider centered for
zero distortion and have the same length on either side for changing the aspect

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