Rob Antonishen wrote:
> Is there any consideration to enabling all the tsx functions?

I included the portion of tsx that I thought would be of the most general 
use. One function I did not include (which has recently been mentioned on 
this list -- or was it on IRC?) is getenv. I think this would be worth 
enabling so I will do that after I complete some other work I'm currently 
doing on Script-Fu.

> In particular, (system command) would be real handy.

Um... no. The "system" function was deliberately left out of the portion of 
tsx I included with Script-Fu. Few people would need it and it is just too 
dangerous to have available in all GIMP installs. It would allow creation of 
trojan scripts that could do damage to a computer.

On the other hand, the Perl, Python, and Ruby language bindings can issue 
system commands so malware scripts are already possible but not every GIMP 
install can use those other language bindings "out of the box".

We need to think a little about this before going ahead and enabling a 
function that would allow system calls to be used in scripts that could be 
run on any machine with GIMP.
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