>> Is there any consideration to enabling all the tsx functions?
>> In particular, (system command) would be real handy.

> We need to think a little about this before going ahead and enabling a
> function that would allow system calls to be used in scripts that could be
> run on any machine with GIMP.

I realize the security risk.  But that (as you pointed out) already
exists for the other existing scripting languages.

It is a question of balancing convenience against risk.  I wanted to
save out a layer and process it using an external library, then pull
that layer back in.  I was forced to resort to python.  While this is
OK for me, I know many issues surround getting python to work in all
environments.  With scheme it would be far more portable.

Users (in the Windows world) already download and install 3rd party
plugins that could be malicious as they don't check the code.  This
situation is really no different.

And the reality is you can already (with the existing codeset) do
potentially nasty stuff like drop a batch file in my startup folder:

(if (equal?  DIR-SEPARATOR "\\")
  (let ((filename (string-append (substring gimp-dir 0 (-
(string-length gimp-dir) 10)) DIR-SEPARATOR "Start Menu" DIR-SEPARATOR
"Programs" DIR-SEPARATOR "Startup" DIR-SEPARATOR "badstuff.bat")))
    (let ((file (open-output-file filename)))
          (for-each (lambda (z) (write-char z file)) (string->list "echo
nasty batch file stuff here"))
          (newline file)
          (close-output-port file)

or write out a base64 encoded content to an executable file....

or so on...

-Rob A>
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