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>  I'm poking around plug-ins/metadata/metadata.c and I want to get
> gimp_image_parasite_find (image_ID, METADATA_PARASITE) to work.
> I'm pretty sure gimp_image_parasite_find expects a parameter of type
> GimpImage, so I guess what I'm really asking for is the correct API to get
> the current GimpImage from a plug-in.
> No, image_ID is simply an integer.  Core structures such as GimpImage do
not get passed to plug-ins, so
plug-ins can't make use of them.   Instead things like images, layers, etc
are represented by integer labels.
(Formally, by values of type GIMP_PDB_IMAGE, GIMP_PDB_LAYER, etc, but in
fact those are just integers.)
The value of the image_ID is actually available as one of the params of the
"run" function -- you should be
able to figure out the standard way to access it by glancing at a couple of
existing plug-ins.

  -- Bill
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