On Sun, 2011-02-13 at 18:55 +0100, Martin Nordholts wrote:
> On 02/13/2011 12:04 AM, LightningIsMyName wrote:
> > I'm starting this thread to list ideas for Google Summer of Code 2011,
> > for the GIMP project. Since in the last year collecting ideas was done
> > partially by the mailing list, let's try it again this year and keep
> > most ideas here.
> Thanks for a good start on this Barak
> I would like to add:
> Port UI code to a non-low level language
> Hacking UI code in C is a resource eater for us, we should use C for 
> quick and efficient pixel processing but not for creating buttons. It 
> would be interesting to make changes to the GIMP codebase that would 
> allow us for example write the Pointer Information Dialog in JavaScript.

We (or actually you) added support for defining plug-in dialog UIs using
GtkBuilder some time ago. But  there has been no progress on this since
then. As far as I can see there is still no support for using GIMP
specific widgets from GtkBuilder and no other plug-ins have been ported
yet. Perhaps that would be an area that should get some attention from a
GSoC developer.

Definitely sounds more useful to me than introducing Javascript to GIMP.
I somewhat doubt that we would get more developers hacking on the core
if we added JS as another entry barrier.


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