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> Automatic layer Boundary management. In essence just let the program deal
> with layer boundary - expand it whenever a layer is moved so that you can
> ALWAYS paint on any area you wish. If there's some memory or files size issue,
> perhaps add some automatic layer cropping on save.
> I want to stress that such a feature is really, really, useful.
> I believe there are some cases (scripts, maybe?) in which manual layer 
> boundary
> management is necessary, so it should be just an option or something that can
> be deactivated temporarily.

Note, when I suggested that gimp should always start with a blank
canvas, ready to paint on, people said it was impossible because they
didn't know how big to make the default document. Why it couldn't be an
option (e.g. if you normally work on indexed or greyscale images) or a
template, I couldn't figure out, but this would remove that objection at


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