Nelson A. de Oliveira wrote:
> While running the camouflage pattern plugin I saw an error:

Thank you Nelson (and Carol) for the reports and patches regarding Script-Fu 
scripts. The GIMP API has been undergoing some big changes in this 
development cycle and the Script-Fu scripts have not fully caught up with 
all the changes.

I usually do much of the work to update Script-Fu scripts to the latest API 
as I have a Perl based script that automates the update procedure. This 
script uses information generated by running other Perl based scripts 
against a PDB dump from GIMP. I am in the process of updating my update 
script but its a big job this time. There are 107 changes to the PDB since 
the release of the 2.6 version of GIMP and three different types of changes 
that have to be handled across 100 scripts.

The first change is the common one where deprecated procedures just need 
minor updates (ie. changing to the procedure name to the replacement 
procedure). The other two changes involve PDB procedures with some 
parameters now set via context functions and the introduction of the item 
API. These last two changes will require more work to handle in an automated 

Until recently some deprecated procedures referred to a replacement 
procedure that did not exist. This has been fixed so the PDB is complete and 
stable enough for now to begin the work to update my update script. I will 
be reviewing the updates originally made to the scripts for 2.7 API as I 
have seen some changes to the called procedures are not correct as of the 
current API.

Until now, updating the scripts can usually be done in about 15 minutes 
starting from the running of GIMP to get a current dump of the PDB (if there 
are no other unusual changes). I will be doing the work for 2.7/2.8 in two 
stages with the simple changes as the first stage and the changes involving 
context and item API as the second stage. I'm currently working on two other 
projects so I'm doing this as time permits.
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