which development environmento do you use for Gimp? Do You use an IDE or just vi or emacs? I like to know which is the best way to start with Gimp development. I think that fot the beginners an IDE will be helpful, but expert programmers tend to use just an advanced editor. For example I'm a PL/SQL developer and before I used Toad. But now I just use Notepad++ with custom script for compiling directly within the editor. This because Toad editor is really poor and for me a powerful editor is fundamental.

I like to know what is your configuration and if you plan to have a gimp wiki where those information can be put.

For example various configurations can be explained: Eclipse + plugin x + plugin y, Vim + script x + script y, Anjuta + ..., Monodevelop and ... so a new developer can chose the perfect environment that fit his requirements.

Kind regards
Massimo Fidanza
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