> I've begun working on GIMP documentation so GIMP is on my mind a lot
> lately. So, I have a suggestion - remove the pencil tool, and
> instead, add a checkbox to the brush tool with an "antialiased"
> label.

I'd go even further with that: make “antialiased” one of specific brush
settings, not the “tool” itself. That way one would be able to have as
much “pencils” predefined as one sees fit. And all that without
touching tool tickbox back and forth if needed.

BTW. Is it possible to assign shortcut to a brush type or tool preset?
Without it presets are only half-usable IMHO.

> My reasoning is that for a new user, the difference between
> "brush" and "pencil" is not evident from their name or icon. They do
> pretty much the same thing with they only difference being that
> pencil is not antialiased. The pencil tool is nothing like an actual
> pencil. So, if we want the UI to reflect the actual workings of the
> program, it makes sense to do this.

I agree with that. After all, both these tools are made to scribble on
the canvas with some shapes :).

> The only objection I can think of is if in real-life situation people
> actually use the pencil tool in conjunction with the brush tool in
> such a way that they have a separate settings for each, and the
> change from one to other a lot. But that is what tool presets are for.

Not a problem, I think, as far as presets are accessible through

Best regards!

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