I'm sitting here whipping out a picture of a RGB Venn diagram with text 
labels with a recent pull from trunk in single window mode.  I've loved 
and used GIMP for years (although I'm not a power user).  There have 
always been things I loved and things that I didn't love quite so much.  
For the first time, at this point in time, I find nothing annoying.  
Everything is happy.  It's beautiful and intuitive.  Something that 
should be a simple task is a simple task.  You guys are the best and I 
love your work.  How wonderfully text works now.  I know you guys hear a 
lot of complaints at times (perhaps one or two from me through the 
years) and you deserve to hear the good things too.

Thank you very much.


p.s. http://dbp-consulting.com/RGBVenn.png
p.p.s The venn diagram is done with 5 layers.  Top to bottom:

Screen Mode - Red Circle
Screen Mode - Green Circle
Normal Mode - Blue Circle
Normal Mode - Red Circle
Normal Mode - Green Circle
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