Here are some notes on managements of color tools presets. I'm not
really sure which of them are acknowledged, so off they go anyway.

First of all, named presets are very cool. I *love* 'em. But there are
some issues.

1. As soon as you select a named preset, changes are applied, but the
name of the preset is not displayed anymore in the combobox. It's a
little thing that makes the whole thing look a bit weird.

2.  You cannot save all presets to one file currently. So if I want to
share them all, I have to manually concatenate stuff in a text editor.

3. After manual concatenation I still have to add names manually,
because currently GIMP  doesn't save names of presets (mitch explained
on IRC that a presets simply replaces what's in the dialog and waves
goodbye, if I got him right)

4. Opening/Saving presets from management dialog doesn't work yet.

5. Multiple selection is really missing in the management dialog for
faster cleanup of unused presets. And actually, it would make a lot of
sense to do multiple selection in the management dialog for exporting
as well, so that users don't end up with either *everything* or just
*one* setting in the exported file.

Which of that should end up in bugzilla?

Alexandre Prokoudine
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