> > I'm a little uneasy at the moment about the "ban working with
> > numbers for transformations" comment.
> It would be nice (IMO) to have a dockable that displays the "numbers"
> of the transform tool's current selection and transform, and also
> applies numerical input to the transform tool.
> Photographers could ignore/hide the dockable entirely and still use
> the transform tool by "feeling", and designers would have a method for
> performing precise transforms (for example a radial design needing
> several exact rotations).

How about having (hideable of course :)) on-canvas infos? IMHO that
would be even fancier. Infos could be aligned with control that
modifies them. Numerical input could be done similarly on-canvas. I
think hovering pointer above e.g. rotation control and clicking middle
button (?) could activate input (displayed on the place). That way we'd
save considerable ammount of mouse movement between canvas and dock. To
make things even more unobtrusive input could “slide” after activation
to some place on the screen (bottom of the screen) util value would be
entered and whole control could be hidden. Well… there's the thing
about this being fast, but I think that's what new, fancy compositioning
infrastructures are for ;>. It seems to me like a reasonable
application of new capabilities.

Best regards!

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