> Users who have a comment on the list should raise it now. The ideas
> list was divided in to two parts, as discussed on IRC.
> Developers who wish to make small corrections should feel free to do
> so, but please do not move projects between the lists / add/remove
> projects or do any other major change without a discussion first.

Great to have such list! :)

I've got a word about slicing tools. I think it would be even nicer if
slices as that:

|           -----         |
|           |   |         |
|           -----         |

didn't have to be considered as nested. If they'd be treated as
independent entities it would be easy to have e.g.:

          |   |
|         |   |     |
|         -----     |
|                   |

Each slice could have, as one of properties, list of layers brought
into account when generating final slice image. That way one would be
able to easily “cut” some slice for background, even if the background
is overlayed with some content.

Furthermore, slices could have been able to create “stacks” of graphics
exported as one image. I mean a situation when “idle” for of menu is on
one layer, “hover” on another and finally “clicked” on third. So: one
slice is created, “stack” for that slice is defined in such a way that
first layer is topmost part of exported graphics, second layer is the
middle and so on. It would give from single slice final image of:

|        idle         |
|        hover        |
|       clicked       |

Vertical alignment is choosen purely for the example's sake. Heck! One
could even make some tool to visually place such images from different
slices. Details remain to be discussed :). I think that gain from such
solution is great. This way one could easily create not only menus but
also sets of icons cropped from source image with css. And to do it
without creating another image or layer on page layout project with
icons packed accordingly, but “cut” them directly from layout. Elements
could be then placed only once, so possibility of making a mistake
while exporting them would lower considerably.

That's just a couple of simple things that “traditional” slices make
somewhat horrid to achieve :). I'd love to see something like that in

Best regards!

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