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> Hi,
> ense...@gmail.com (2011-03-01 at 2214.48 +0100):
>> Thanks, I've added your items as well as mapped features into GIMP
>> releases up to GIMP 3.8. (I implicitly include both 'color adjustment
>> layers' and 'filter layers' under "Adjustment layers".):
>> http://gimp-wiki.who.ee/index.php/GIMP_Roadmap
> Please pick a different name that trully combines both things then,
> assuming they are combinable. Adjustment layers is already a standard
> term (de facto from another app, yeah, impossible to change that now)
> for a layer that only has a mask and applies per pixels changes like
> hue or level changes. Not only confusing, but hard to see the relation
> between "adjusment" and "render grid", for example, which is probably
> what you mean with filter. Thanks.

I've changed "Adjustment layers" to 'Layer filters' for now, and added 
"Layer effects". Ideas for better names are welcomed.

  / Martin


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