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> On 03/02/2011 04:33 AM, GSR - FR wrote:
> > Hi,
> > enselic <at> (2011-03-01 at 2214.48 +0100):
> >> Thanks, I've added your items as well as mapped features into GIMP
> >> releases up to GIMP 3.8. (I implicitly include both 'color adjustment
> >> layers' and 'filter layers' under "Adjustment layers".):
> >>
> >
> > Please pick a different name that trully combines both things then,
> > assuming they are combinable. Adjustment layers is already a standard
> > term (de facto from another app, yeah, impossible to change that now)
> > for a layer that only has a mask and applies per pixels changes like
> > hue or level changes. Not only confusing, but hard to see the relation
> > between "adjusment" and "render grid", for example, which is probably
> > what you mean with filter. Thanks.
> I've changed "Adjustment layers" to 'Layer filters' for now, and added 
> "Layer effects". Ideas for better names are welcomed. 

That is also an already-used term. 

Adjustment layers = per-pixel value change (hue, levels, etc - stuff from 
the "colors" menu) Such layers have a mask and adjustment properties but 
no actual color content.

Filter layers = real-time application of filters (sharpen, blur, distort)
that changes whenever the layers *beneath* it are changed. These are not
per-pixel but rely on the entire image. Such layers have a mask and filter
properties but no actual color content. These are updated whenever the content
odf any of the layers below it is changed.

Layer effects - effects that operate on raster layers and affect the content
of that layer only, usually around the perimeter of the actual pixel content.
Examples - drop shadow, glow, bevel, stroke. These should be updated in real
time as the user is drawing on that layer.

While all of these are desired, I would say adjustment layers are the easiest
to implement and the most important. Layer effects are important for 
web designers mostly, but less so for casual users, and they seem to be
difficult to implement properly (just a guess from seeing adobe's
successful implementation and other's less succesful attempts).
Filter layers have a low importance.

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