On 3/2/11, Andreas Plath wrote:

> 1) Looking in the GIMP and GEGL dev sites, I found a list of library
> dependencies for GEGL but not one for GIMP. I haven't downloaded the source
> yet, so perhaps there's such a list in there. If not, where can I find it?
> My computer runs a vanilla Ubuntu 10.04 install, should I expect any
> problems?

'sudo apt-get build-dep gimp' will get you all dependencies except
gtk-doc-tools package

> 2) Are there any special guidelines for writing plugins using GEGL
> operations? Are they listed anywhere? (Looking at the GIMP dev site I
> haven't found any). Is there an already ported plugin to use as an example?
> Or a template?


Not verbatim, but close to original ports:


Also note that some filters should become meta-operations which means
an operation that simply reuses other operations as building blocks. A
good example of one is unsharp mask:


> 3) Which plugins should be ported first? Is there a priority list? Is it
> possible to port all plugins given the current list of GEGL operations? If
> not, which are possible?

There are no priorities set. You will find it most encouraging porting
filters you care about most :)

> 5) Where should I go for help when I need it? :-)

On IRC: #gegl at irc.gimp.net

Alexandre Prokoudine
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